Born: 1st April 1980, Tittensor, near Stoke on Trent.  5'9 / Aries / Non smoker / Full UK Passport and DVLA!

Likes: Good live music/ positive genuine people/ Football/ Spanish culture/ retro computer games/ collecting retro footy shirts/ eating out/ driving/ pasta/ travel/ comedy/ herpetology/ the different, the interesting, the unique and the unusual.

Dislikes: Smoking/ Hangovers/ minor religions and cults/ tacky souvenirs/ gerbil sized dogs/ false negative people/ dodgy politicians/ small spaces.

Occupation: Teaching assistant within a fantastic school in Birmingham!

Instruments played: Guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, drums, assorted percussion.

Equipment: Marshall, Epiphone, Takamine, Boss, Roland, Peavey, Audio Technica, Shure

Influences: Beatles, Queen, U2, Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Blur, Police, Crowded House, Eagles, INXS, David Bowie, Doors, Fun Lovin Criminals, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Dire Straits, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Dean Martin, Hendrix, Kinks, Bee Gees, REM, Elton John, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Manics, Paul Weller, Radiohead, Stone Roses, Verve, Elvis, Thin Lizzy, Who and many more.

Spare Time: Football, jogging, golf, kayaking, rehearsing. I teach guitar and spend a lot of time and money developing my solo show.

Fav. Football Team:  Tottenham Hotspur

Pets: I have a 17 year old cockatiel who has been on TV, and a leopard gecko. (...I have had bearded dragons, dogs, rats and giant land snails in the past!)

Fav. Reading: Daily Express /Q/ Stage/ News of the World/ Music Biographies.

Fav. Music: Rock, metal, pop, indie, chart, good remixes, retro hits...allsorts.

Fav. Gig: U2 a couple of times, Glastonbury.

Ambitions: Keep working hard ansd who knows!