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Rich has spent the past 18 months working with LURVE HANDLE and VIPERLOUNGE, with whom you may have spotted him performing with. Here is a guide to both bands.


Formed in mid 2008, this Stafford based power trio underwent slight changes in line-up before settling on Rich, drummer Paul Emery and bassist Steve Greatholder in mid 2009. The band began playing gigs across Staffordshire including regular visits to the Swan Hotel, Casa and annual slots at the Stafford Castle festival and lights switch on. In recent months, the band has shifted focus and has been working in the studio on a new album comprising songs including Halfway There, Recognition, Quiet Road, It Takes Time, Bag of Bones and the Humalong Song. Rich enjoys performing with the band, but is really excited by the album progress and feedback has been good at gigs. Lurve Handle are available for bookings so please contact Rich for more info.

If you have enjoyed a solo show with Rich, then Viperlounge are the full band alternative. With a strong reputation for versatile covers and vocal harmonies, Viperlounge are a rock solid trio fit for any event featuring Rich, bassist Mark Watts and his son, Drummer Mike Watts. The band has worked at many corporate events, held at Old Trafford and Vale Park and has undertaken longer treks to the south coast for corporate events. Highlights include sparkling versions of U2 and rock hits, along with a complete instrument switch around between members!


Just to let you know, Rich works at a school from Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm. Although his phone is on, he cannot respond to calls during lessons. Please do leave a message and Rich will get back to you in due course. Weeknights are also normally quieter times to call and he may be at home.


Rich has been looking into the possibility of adding tribute shows and costume changes to his show. This is currently being developed and more information will follow soon. He can currently offer 45mins of Bryan Adams, Beatles, U2, Stereophonics and Oasis so do let him know if you want any included at your event!